WENZHOU YINGFEI APPLICATION ENGINEERING PLASTICS CO., LTD., was founded in 1989.In the early year YINGFEI focus on the production of valve seat seal,then rapid growth and development by wenzhou valve industry development.In this process, with the improvement of customer requirements on product quality and performance, and the complication of product application conditions and working conditions,species diversity, we timely to improve production technology, improve product quality requirements, development of new materials and application of new product formula, ,at the same time, strengthen quality management and get the ISO9001 quality management system certification. The company covers an area of 10000M2, building area of 8000M2, more than 100 employees, is a well-known manufacturer of seals.

   Since the establishment of the factory, we have developed the single PTFE material products to the current PTFE series (including all kinds of domestic and imported PTFE brand products, high-temperature PPL, more than 100 kinds of modified RPTFE enhanced formula), NYLON series (PA12, PA6/PA66, modified MOLON, PA46, etc.), PEEK, PI, PFA, ETFE, DEVLON, POM, PCTFE and other more than ten material series products, with the largest size of the products to 2000mm in diameter.

   On the one hand, the company strives to develop new formulations of various materials and their molding production processes; on the other hand, it actively expands the application of various new materials in mechanical products,increase product varieties. The company's products are valve seals, compressors piston ring, guide ring and so on.

   We focus on more than 20 years, with the development of the market, acheive experience from practical application, know more about the product, know more about the market,continue to improve and progress.We can use our years of practical application experience, according to the different needs of customers, to help customers choose the material selection formula, to determine the most suitable products for customers.

   We in line with the service customer's objective, provides the product for the customer while, also can provide the technical reference for the customer. Welcome customers to call to cooperation!


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